It is the time to get out and explore those routes you typically avoid during your rides. The Shore 2 Shore is kindest to those who embrace the mash up of skinny tires against rutted roads.
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Shore 2 Shore: 6th Edition

A new format is being rolled out for this years Shore 2 Shore. Gather a team, sign-up, and get ready to tackle a unique challenge on the roads of Essex & Kent County.
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Tour de Cure

15 team members made the trip to the land of freedom, guns, and corner store liquor depots to take part in the American Diabetes Associatoin Tour de Cure.
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Up to Speed

People like seeing themselves in digital format. Take that away and they get irritable - sorry.
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2013 T3 Results

A couple days out and the legs are still thrashed - that can't be a good sign.
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Quiet updating, busy everything else.
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Team Time Trial Challenge

Read, ponder, and sign-up.
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2013 WRCS No.15 - Finale

The series is now done 'n dusted and a new WRCS champion has been crowned. Congrats to everyone who bundled up and tackled the series this year.
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2013 WRCS No.14

Flats, flats, and a couple more flats. That was the overall theme, but yet we still managed to have a good ride with some warm weather and a healthly dose of mud.
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2013 WRCS No.13

Todays ride was an exercise in mental fortitude. It consisted of a small loop that gave the illusion of heading home, only to be followed by an abrupt turn back out into the county to do it all over again.
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2013 WRCS No.12

Sooooo, there is actually only 15 rides in this years WRCS. If you were thinking about using the 16th and 17th stages to finally launch your bid for glory, well it looks like you won't get a chance.
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2013 WRCS No.11

Seems that the strangle hold for first place is going to come down to the wire. Time to start thinking about an appropriate challenge to cull the herd.
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2013 WRCS No.10

It generally seems to snow everytime we go to tackle this route. Navigating the twisty bike paths of the west end will have to wait a few more weeks.
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2013 WRCS No.9

Perfect evening to ride a bike in the dark and cold.
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2013 WRCS No.8

There was action right out of the parking lot - should've been a sign. Mishaps abounded as carbon exploded, chains crumbled, and bodies tumbled.
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2013 WRCS No.7

This was a weekend of big points. It's just too bad that you have to suffer so much to earn them.
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2013 WRCS No.6

This will seem like an obvious statement given that it's the season of winter, but it was cold - really, really cold.
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2013 WRCS No.5

WARNING: There is a picture of hoarfrost. Okay, so it's not the true definition of hoarfrost, but frozen water attached to a pseudo-gigolos man pelt is close enough.
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2013 WRCS No.4

The overnight wind warning that consisted of 90 km/h gusts had subsided to an almost rideable 55 km/h howling force by the time we rolled out.
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2013 WRCS No.3

Huddled in the parking lot waiting to leave is probably the hardest part of these rides. Once the body is moving, riding in the numbing dark along desolate roads doesn't seem so bad.
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