2013 WRCS No.3

Huddled in the parking lot waiting to leave is probably the hardest part of these rides. Once the body is moving, riding in the numbing dark along desolate roads doesn't seem so bad.

Ride Time: 2:27
Riders: 22
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -6
Night Base Score: 31
Night Singlespeed Score: 41

Standings [3 of 17]

01____113____03____Geno W
02____113____03____Ian C
03____113____03____Jaime K
04____113____03____Jeff H
05____093____03____Kris P
06____083____03____Adam M
07____083____03____Dan S
08____083____03____Daryl S
09____083____03____Fritz L
10____083____03____Jessie S
11____083____03____John L
12____083____03____Kim R
13____083____03____Manuel G
14____083____03____Saylo L
15____083____03____Sydney K
16____059____02____Matt C
17____059____02____Matt G
18____059____02____Matt M
19____052____02____Chris C
20____052____02____Dylan L
21____052____02____Eric L
22____052____02____Jelle D
23____038____01____George M
24____034____01____Pak H
25____034____01____Russ V
26____031____01____Dave P
27____031____01____Jim M
28____031____01____Lou T
29____028____01____Blaire K
30____028____01____Jeff C
31____028____01____Kevin L
32____028____01____Norb P
33____028____01____Paul S
34____028____01____Rob P
35____028____01____Wayne L
36____024____01____Bob L
37____024____01____Dino M
38____024____01____Jay L
40____024____01____Tom S
41____010____01____Mike S


  1. ... just me, but wasn't Popeye singlespeed last night? It kind of looked like that as he pedaled through that front yard.

  2. Thanks to the group for sandbagging to keep me with you. 50kms seemed so much easier on skinny tires last summer.
    -MattC C

  3. No singlespeed for me. I just love mashing the hell out of my legs. But not like Jlo I do shift my gears