2013 WRCS No.4

The overnight wind warning that consisted of 90 km/h gusts had subsided to an almost rideable 55 km/h howling force by the time we rolled out.

We rode most of the route in a serpentine pattern. Mainly for bracing ourselves against the gusts, but partially because it would have proved useful had we encountered enemy fire.

Perhaps the double points ride should happen in the next few weeks.

Ride Time: 2:06
Riders: 18
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -13
Night Base Score: 38
Night Singlespeed Score: 48

Standings [4 of 17]

01____161____04____Geno W
02____161____04____Ian C
03____161____04____Jaime K
04____161____04____Jeff H
05____121____04____Adam M
06____121____04____Dan S
07____121____04____Fritz L
08____121____04____John L
09____121____04____Kim R
10____121____04____Manuel G
11____121____04____Sydney K
12____093____03____Kris P
13____090____03____Chris C
14____090____03____Dylan L
15____090____03____Eric L
16____090____03____Jelle D
17____083____03____Daryl S
18____083____03____Jessie S
19____083____03____Saylo L
20____082____02____Pak H
21____082____02____Russ V
22____059____02____Matt C
23____059____02____Matt G
24____059____02____Matt M
25____038____01____George M
26____038____01____Mary M
27____031____01____Dave P
28____031____01____Jim M
29____031____01____Lou T
30____028____01____Blaire K
31____028____01____Jeff C
32____028____01____Kevin L
33____028____01____Norb P
34____028____01____Paul S
35____028____01____Rob P
36____028____01____Wayne L
37____024____01____Bob L
38____024____01____Dino M
39____024____01____Jay L
41____024____01____Tom S
42____010____01____Mike S

1 comment:

  1. Is that cold Pak or gangster Pak? Also, that was only a 2 hour ride? WOW.