2013 WRCS No.5

WARNING: There is a picture of hoarfrost. Okay, so it's not the true definition of hoarfrost, but frozen water attached to a pseudo-gigolos man pelt is close enough.

Ride Time: 2:31
Riders: 25
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -10
Base Score: 35
Singlespeed Score: 45

Standings [5 of 17]

01____206____05____Geno W
02____206____05____Ian C
03____206____05____Jaime K
04____206____05____Jeff H
05____156____05____Adam M
06____156____05____Dan S
07____156____05____Fritz L
08____156____05____John L
09____156____05____Kim R
10____156____05____Manuel G
11____156____05____Sydney K
12____127____03____Pak H
13____127____03____Russ V
14____125____04____Chris C
15____125____04____Dylan L
16____125____04____Eric L
17____118____04____Daryl S
18____118____04____Jessie S
19____094____03____Matt G
20____094____03____Matt M
21____093____03____Kris P
22____090____03____Jelle D
23____083____03____Saylo L
24____073____02____Mary M
25____063____02____Blaire K
26____063____02____Norb P
27____059____02____Matt C
29____038____01____George M
30____035____01____Mark J
31____031____01____Dave P
32____031____01____Jim M
33____031____01____Lou T
34____028____01____Jeff C
35____028____01____Kevin L
36____028____01____Paul S
37____028____01____Rob P
38____028____01____Wayne L
39____024____01____Bob L
40____024____01____Dino M
41____024____01____Jay L
42____024____01____Tom S
43____010____01____Mike S

1 comment:

  1. Is it wrong to keep checking Friday's forcast and hoping it changes for the better? Temps in the upper teens (F) with 20mph winds. Double points ride?