2013 WRCS No.2

We thought we had a window of no percipitation but it closed quickly and left us choking on each others road spray.

The only thing to do was find some dirt roads and complete the mess that mother nature had started.

First night ride of the series is up next and it usually means the first big shake up in the standings - we shall see.

Ride Time: 2:14
Riders: 26
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 1
Base Score: 24
Singlespeed Score: 34

Standings [2 of 17] 

01____072____02____Geno W
02____072____02____Ian C
03____072____02____Jaime K 
04____072____02____Jeff H 
05____062____02____Kris P 
06____052____02____Adam M
07____052____02____Chris C
08____052____02____Dan S 
09____052____02____Daryl S 
10____052____02____Dylan L 
11____052____02____Eric L 
12____052____02____Fritz L 
13____052____02____Jelle D
14____052____02____Jessie S 
15____052____02____John L
16____052____02____Kim R
17____052____02____Manuel G
18____052____02____Saylo L
19____052____02____Sydney K 
20____038____01____George M
21____034____01____Pak H
22____034____01____Russ V
23____028____01____Blaire K
24____028____01____Jeff C
25____028____01____Kevin L
26____028____01____Matt C
27____028____01____Matt G
28____028____01____Matt M
29____028____01____Norb P
30____028____01____Paul S
31____028____01____Rob P
32____028____01____Wayne L
33____024____01____Bob L
34____024____01____Dino M
35____024____01____Jay L
37____024____01____Tom S


  1. Everytime I see a Brodie bike I Always feel better somehow? I have to say each one was built with a love that will last a lifetime!!!!

  2. You'll be happy to know that they're ridden with grit and panache.

  3. Fenders anyone?