2013 T3 Results

A couple days out and the legs are still thrashed - that can't be a good sign.

"On Sunday morning 12 teams set out for a barbaric battle with the wind and rain, although forecast showed for a steady stream of showers, somehow there was a small shield around the 60km TT course and the rain didn't break through until the late stages of the race. With the course roads twisting and turning there was no guess on which way the wind was gusting from. One minute you were cruising feeling great, then a slight turn in the road and you were whipped in the face by the pounding wind. It seems everyone left it all out on the course and deserved a pat on the back for their efforts.

Thanks to all that attended and I hope you are back next year.



1. 1:24:55 [+13]

Rod G.
Brenda S.
Danielle M.

2. 1:25:03 [+8:30]

Mark G.
Jelle D.
Saci M.

3. 1:25:16 [+15:30]

Liam B.
Craig M.
Geno W.

4. 1:29:58 [+0]

Nick D.
Paul E.
Rob V.

5. 1:30:04 [+7:30]

Sean R.
Dave P.

6. 1:30:07 [+0]

Russ V.
Matt G.

7. 1:30:22 [+8]

Matt M.
Adam M.
Mike S.

8. 1:32:51 [+3]

John L.
Darryl S.
Dylan L.

9. 1:33:00 [+7:30]

Dave R.
Mario V.
Jim H.

10. 1:40:30 [+15]

Kevin L.
Maria E.
Dennis M.

11. 1:46:55 [+16]

Syd K.
Mary M.
Kathy P.

12. 1:47:00 [+18]

Pete D.
Wayne L.
Jack S.


  1. Thanks to Russ for organizing. It was fun, in kind of a sick way.


  2. https://www.facebook.com/ChylasRacePhotos - pics from tonights road series :)