2013 WRCS No.10

It generally seems to snow everytime we go to tackle this route. Navigating the twisty bike paths of the west end will have to wait a few more weeks.

Ride Time: 2:32
Riders: 20
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -16
Base Score: 41
Singlespeed Score: 51

Standings [10 of 17]

01____504____10____Geno W
02____504____10____Ian C
03____504____10____Jaime K
04____404____10____Adam M
05____404____10____Dan S
06____404____10____Kim R
07____404____10____Sydney K
08____384____08____Jeff H
09____369____09____Jessie S
10____355____09____Fritz L
11____355____09____Manuel G
12____345____09____John L
13____343____07____Pak H
14____252____06____Matt G
15____244____06____Eric L
16____224____06____Chris C
17____217____06____Daryl S
18____195____04____Russ V
19____189____05____Jelle D
20____184____05____Matt M
21____183____05____Dylan L
22____176____04____Mike S
23____165____05____Saylo L
24____162____04____Blaire K
25____139____03____Dave P
26____134____04____Kris P
27____109____02____Rob L
28____096____02____Paul S
29____090____02____Jim M
30____086____02____Kevin L
31____086____02____Wayne L
32____082____02____Dino M
33____073____02____Mary M
34____072____02____Sean K
35____069____02____Rob P
36____063____02____Norb P
37____059____02____Matt C
39____059____01____Trevor B
40____058____01____Sandra B
42____038____01____George M
43____035____01____Mark J
44____031____01____Lou T
45____028____01____Jeff C
46____024____01____Bob L
47____024____01____Jay L
48____024____01____Tom S

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  1. Nice ride yesterday... now that I can feel my thumbs again.

    Here's a little article that brings Amherstberg to the big city: