2013 WRCS No.11

Seems that the strangle hold for first place is going to come down to the wire. Time to start thinking about an appropriate challenge to cull the herd.

Ride Time: 2:30
Riders: 22
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -5
Base Score: 30
Singlespeed Score: 40

Standings [11 of 17]

01____544____11____Geno W
02____544____11____Ian C
03____544____11____Jaime K
04____434____11____Adam M
05____434____11____Dan S
06____434____11____Kim R
07____434____11____Sydney K
08____424____09____Jeff H
09____385____10____Fritz L
10____385____10____Manuel G
11____375____10____John L
12____373____08____Pak H
13____369____09____Jessie S
14____282____07____Matt G
15____254____07____Chris C
16____247____07____Daryl S
17____244____06____Eric L
18____235____05____Russ V
19____219____06____Jelle D
20____214____06____Matt M
21____195____06____Saylo L
22____192____05____Blaire K
23____183____05____Dylan L
24____176____04____Mike S
25____139____03____Dave P
26____134____04____Kris P
27____116____03____Kevin L
28____109____02____Rob L
29____096____02____Paul S
30____093____03____Norb P
31____090____02____Jim M
32____086____02____Wayne L
33____082____02____Dino M
34____073____02____Mary M
35____072____02____Sean K
36____069____02____Rob P
37____059____02____Matt C
39____059____01____Trevor B
40____058____01____Sandra B
42____038____01____George M
43____035____01____Mark J
44____031____01____Lou T
45____028____01____Jeff C
46____024____01____Bob L
47____024____01____Jay L
48____024____01____Tom S

1 comment:

  1. I was with you guys in spirit. Couldn't quite make it to Second Cup by 11, so went out and did my own ride anyway.
    I picked a route that I thought would meet up with the group, to no avail.
    Next Time.

    -Matt C