2013 WRCS No.12

Sooooo, there is actually only 15 rides in this years WRCS. If you were thinking about using the 16th and 17th stages to finally launch your bid for glory, well it looks like you won't get a chance.

But the bitter cold and wind after this past night ride should probably ease the regret of not being able to subject yourself to this much longer.

Ride Time: 1:32
Riders: 12
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -10
Night Base Score: 50
Singlespeed Score: 60

Standings [12 of 15]

01____604____12____Geno W
02____604____12____Ian C
03____604____12____Jaime K
04____484____12____Adam M
05____484____12____Kim R
06____484____12____Sydney K
07____484____10____Jeff H
08____435____11____Fritz L
09____434____11____Dan S
10____425____11____John L
11____423____09____Pak H
12____385____10____Manuel G
13____369____09____Jessie S
14____282____07____Matt G
15____264____07____Matt M
16____254____07____Chris C
17____247____07____Daryl S
18____244____06____Eric L
19____235____05____Russ V
20____219____06____Jelle D
21____195____06____Saylo L
22____192____05____Blaire K
23____183____05____Dylan L
24____176____04____Mike S
25____139____03____Dave P
26____134____04____Kris P
27____123____03____Mary M
28____116____03____Kevin L
29____109____02____Rob L
30____096____02____Paul S
31____093____03____Norb P
32____090____02____Jim M
33____086____02____Wayne L
34____082____02____Dino M
35____072____02____Sean K
36____069____02____Rob P
37____059____02____Matt C
39____059____01____Trevor B
40____058____01____Sandra B
42____038____01____George M
43____035____01____Mark J
44____031____01____Lou T
45____028____01____Jeff C
46____024____01____Bob L
47____024____01____Jay L
48____024____01____Tom S

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