2013 WRCS No.13

Todays ride was an exercise in mental fortitude. It consisted of a small loop that gave the illusion of heading home, only to be followed by an abrupt turn back out into the county to do it all over again.

There was an homage to the beard that the Butcher uses to continue his assault on the WRCS. This picture broke the camera for the rest of the ride.

Ride Time: 2:23
Riders: 23
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -10
Base Score: 35
Singlespeed Score: 45

Standings [13 of 15]

01____649____13____Geno W
02____649____13____Ian C
03____649____13____Jaime K
04____529____11____Jeff H
05____519____13____Adam M
06____519____13____Kim R
07____484____12____Sydney K
08____470____12____Fritz L
09____469____12____Dan S
10____460____12____John L
11____458____10____Pak H
12____420____11____Manuel G
13____404____10____Jessie S
14____299____08____Matt M
15____289____08____Chris C
16____282____08____Daryl S
17____282____07____Matt G
18____279____07____Eric L
19____254____07____Jelle D
20____235____05____Russ V
21____218____06____Dylan L
22____195____06____Saylo L
23____192____05____Blaire K
24____176____04____Mike S
25____174____04____Dave P
26____154____03____Rob L
27____134____04____Kris P
28____123____03____Mary M
29____117____03____Dino M
30____116____03____Kevin L
31____096____02____Paul S
32____093____03____Norb P
33____093____02____Sandra B
34____090____02____Jim M
35____086____02____Wayne L
36____072____02____Sean K
37____069____02____Rob P
38____059____02____Matt C
40____059____01____Trevor B
42____038____01____George M
43____035____01____Dave S
44____035____01____Mark J
45____031____01____Lou T
46____028____01____Jeff C
47____024____01____Bob L
48____024____01____Jay L
49____024____01____Tom S

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