2013 WRCS No.15 - Finale

The series is now done 'n dusted and a new WRCS champion has been crowned. Congrats to everyone who bundled up and tackled the series this year.

The overall title came down to the last ride and a match of estimation and deception. Honourable mention goes to Kim to became the first female rider to complete all stages of a WRCS [not including JLo's previous attempts].

Ride Time: 1:53
Riders: 15
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 1
Nigth Base Score: 39
Singlespeed Score: 49

Final Overall Standings [15 of 15]

01____725____15____Geno W
02____724____15____Ian C
03____724____15____Jaime K
04____579____12____Jeff H
05____574____15____Adam M
06____574____15____Kim R
07____525____14____Fritz L
08____525____14____Dan S
09____513____12____Pak H
10____484____12____Sydney K
11____476____13____John L
12____475____13____Manuel G
13____459____12____Jessie S
14____354____10____Matt M
15____309____09____Jelle D
16____289____08____Chris C
17____282____08____Daryl S
18____282____07____Matt G
19____279____07____Eric L
20____251____06____Russ V
21____218____06____Dylan L
22____215____05____Mike S
23____211____07____Saylo L
24____192____05____Blaire K
25____190____05____Dave P
26____173____05____Kris P
27____154____03____Rob L
28____123____03____Mary M
29____117____03____Dino M
30____116____03____Kevin L
31____109____04____Norb P
32____109____03____Sandra B
33____102____03____Wayne L
34____096____02____Paul S
35____090____02____Jim M
36____075____03____Matt C
37____072____02____Sean K
38____069____02____Rob P
40____059____01____Trevor B
42____038____01____George M
43____035____01____Dave S
44____035____01____Mark J
45____031____01____Lou T
46____028____01____Jeff C
47____024____01____Bob L
48____024____01____Jay L
49____024____01____Tom S
50____016____01____Pete D
51____016____01____Trish S


  1. Way to go Geno !

  2. Thanks AMc and Bike Sabbath for another successful Winter Ride Series. I appreciated the camaraderie through these cold months!