Team Time Trial Challenge

Read, ponder, and sign-up.

April 28th/2013
10am start
Parking at Belle River Lake Park across from splash pad.
No cost and no awards, just a fun way to test your fitness.

This year we are going with a 3 man team format. So round up a couple of friends and come out for 60km of pure fun.

This event is timed on the honor system (you keep your own time, best to have two members of each team keep time incase of an error).

The course will have a turn around sign at 30km, so have distance on your computer and keep an eye out. Also look for vehicles before turning around as they have the right away.

A riders - no time bonus
B riders - 2.5 minutes of bonus time for each rider
C riders - 5 minutes of bonus time for each rider

You can mix rider levels, time bonus is based on each rider. Not sure how this will work out, but should make all teams competitive.


- No drafting of other teams.
- Aero bikes and helmets are allowed.
- Must finish with 2 team members. You can pick up dropped team members on the way back.
- Must keep your own time.

Results to be posted on bikeSABBATH.

Please email russellvanevery@hotmail if you are interested.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for allowing me to accompany you all on this past Sundays ride, good times!
    Looking forward to riding again in the near future.
    Domenic Valela
    Vaughan, ON