2013 WRCS No.8

There was action right out of the parking lot - should've been a sign. Mishaps abounded as carbon exploded, chains crumbled, and bodies tumbled.

But double points were earned, so I think everything worked out in the end.

Ride Time: 2:08
Riders: 28
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -4
Double Points Base Score: 58
Singlespeed Score: 68

Standings [8 of 17]

01____394____08____Geno W
02____394____08____Ian C
03____394____08____Jaime K
04____314____08____Adam M
05____314____08____Dan S
06____314____08____Fritz L
07____314____08____Kim R
08____314____08____Manuel G
09____314____08____Sydney K
10____279____07____Jessie S
11____274____06____Jeff H
12____255____07____John L
13____252____06____Matt G
14____246____05____Pak H
15____244____06____Eric L
16____217____06____Daryl S
17____195____04____Russ V
18____183____05____Chris C
19____183____05____Dylan L
20____162____04____Blaire K
21____148____04____Jelle D
22____135____04____Matt M
23____127____03____Mike S
24____124____04____Saylo L
25____096____02____Paul S
26____093____03____Kris P
27____090____02____Dave P
28____090____02____Jim M
29____086____02____Kevin L
30____086____02____Wayne L
31____082____02____Dino M
32____073____02____Mary M
33____063____02____Norb P
34____059____02____Matt C
36____059____01____Trevor B
37____058____01____Rob L
38____058____01____Sandra B
39____038____01____George M
40____035____01____Mark J
41____031____01____Lou T
42____028____01____Jeff C
43____028____01____Rob P
44____024____01____Bob L
45____024____01____Jay L
46____024____01____Tom S


  1. Dan Scott got points for that lackluster attempt? Amazing what a little exploding carbon can do.

  2. There are definitely easier ways to get out of a wrcs ride. The sound was awesome though.

  3. Ian felt Dan was to close to the title, defend at all cost.