2013 WRCS No.7

This was a weekend of big points. It's just too bad that you have to suffer so much to earn them.

Ride Time: 2:44
Riders: 18
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -16
Base Score: 41
Singlespeed Score: 51

Standings [7 of 17]

01____326____07____Geno W
02____326____07____Ian C
03____326____07____Jaime K
04____256____07____Adam M
05____256____07____Dan S
06____256____07____Fritz L
07____256____07____Kim R
08____256____07____Manuel G
09____256____07____Sydney K
10____244____06____Eric L
11____221____06____Jessie S
12____206____05____Jeff H
13____197____06____John L
14____194____05____Matt G
15____178____04____Pak H
16____159____05____Daryl S
17____135____04____Matt M
18____127____03____Russ V
19____125____04____Chris C
20____125____04____Dylan L
21____124____04____Saylo L
22____104____03____Blaire K
23____093____03____Kris P
24____090____03____Jelle D
25____090____02____Dave P
26____090____02____Jim M
27____073____02____Mary M
28____069____02____Mike S
29____063____02____Norb P
30____059____02____Matt C
32____059____01____Trevor B
33____038____01____George M
34____035____01____Mark J
35____031____01____Lou T
36____028____01____Jeff C
37____028____01____Kevin L
38____028____01____Paul S
39____028____01____Rob P
40____028____01____Wayne L
41____024____01____Bob L
42____024____01____Dino M
43____024____01____Jay L
44____024____01____Tom S


  1. Sorry I missed the rides this weekend.
    Sven says, "Hi".

  2. Hey Jeff - after Sunday's ride, Sportnet broadcast the cyclocross championship. Canadian flags were being proudly flown all over the coarse. Great stuff! Geno

  3. If you're not going to Paris-Ancaster and wondering why you're still riding outdoors, check this race out in March.


    Use WRCS to get in shape for this.
    Sadly, at this moment, it may not fit in my schedule, but I may try last minute.

    All limbs intact from yesterday's ride :)