The T3 [Team Time Trial]

Last year it was a great form of self-induced eyeball bleeding.


*4 man Teams (you can run a 3 man team if preferred)
*TT or Road bike
*Any wheels are allowed
*Aero helmets allowed
*3 members have to cross the finish line. Time will stop when 3rd member crosses the line.
*There will be time handicaps for lesser horse power teams (any team could win)


*3 minute (Newer A racers)
*5 minute (Mix of B racers and Newer A racers)
*7 minute (Newer B racers)
*10 minute (Mix of B racer and Non racer)
*15 minute (Non Racer)

DATE: Saturday May 7/11
WHERE: Belle River pier park
TIME: 11:00am

Please submit your team at russellvanevery[at]hotmail[dot]com

If you don’t have a team but would like to be part of one, please send an email and we can accommodate a team of your level.

This is just a fun event and there is no cost, just show up and ride. Teams will record there own times on the honor system and results will be posted.

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