When it rains

It pours. There is a lot going on in April.

"Canada South Eco Tours is a cycling tour company that provides high quality tours throughout Windsor and Essex County. A range of tour packages are offered, from tailored tour packages, including road and off-road routes, wine tours, educational school field trips as well as corporate tour packages. Our mission is both environmental and ecological, with an emphasis on support for the local community."

The Rockets cycling club will be hosting a Greenway ride on April 10th, all are welcome.

Local skinny tire racing kicks off on April 14th courtesy of Three-Sixty/Bike The Bruce promotions [different names, same quality production group].

The cat-walk loving styles of the Athletica Fashionista on April 15th.

Local knobby tire racing kicks off courtesy again, of the Three-Sixty/Bike The Bruce promotions group on April 21st.

Hope to see you at one, or all of these great local events.

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