T-Minus 6 days

The season is still early right? These first few races don't count right?

Trying not to panic the rides are being crammed like its a final exam.

Spent a ride suffering behind this sleek TT machine. May 7th is going to be good.

Spent a ride hiding behind this pair of juggernaut calves.

Spent a ride unable to draft behind anything. Why are the solo days the windiest?


  1. I found this craiglist in Detroit. Perfect for next year's WRCS. Motobecane 21 inch single speed with dart 3 front suspension with disc brakes.$200.


  2. Van Summeren just saved Garmin-Cervelo from a potentially embarrassing spring campaign.

    Dylan is currently doing the same for the TOWER Int p/b bikeSABBATH team.