2011 WRCS No.19 - The Finale

This ride had a lot of dynamics going on. There was an element of danger and adventure around every corner.

The mayhem broke down like this:

1. An early morning pancake/bacon/sausage breakfast - all on the bike.
2. A podium hopeful called the cops on the top three.
3. A feats of strength competition to determine the outright WRCS winner.
4. A trail/bike/pedestrian collision.
5. The return home, surprisingly in one piece.

Once again, a sincere thanks to all those who participated in the Winter Ride Challenge Series. Showing up to ride on cold Sunday mornings and Friday nights would not have been possible without an enthusiastic and adventurous group of cyclists to share it with. Best of luck to everyone in the upcoming cycling season.

Ride Time: 2:23
Riders: 26
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -7
Base Score: 32
Singlespeed Score: 42

Final Standings [19 of 19]
01____951____19____Ian C
02____950____19____Jaime K
02____950____19____Kris P
03____889____18____Jeff H
04____843____17____Dan S
05____819____17____Pak H

07____807____17____Manny G
08____763____19____Adam M
09____739____15____Russ V
10____722____15____Norbert P
11____688____15____Chris C
12____655____16____Rick C
13____599____15____Jessie S
14____588____14____Dave P
15____556____13____John L
16____507____11____Eric L
17____485____13____Geno W
18____485____12____Matt G
19____477____10____George M
20____442____09____Rob L
21____406____11____Kim R
22____341____09____Daniele D
23____319____07____Bob L
24____310____08____Trisha S
25____280____06____Sandy B
26____274____08____Ben A
27____227____06____Dylan L
28____225____06____Bob Garneau
29____207____04____Darryl S
30____191____06____Pete E
31____183____06____Dino M
32____150____05____Sue S
33____133____03____Alex R
34____129____04____Jim G
35____127____03____Paul S
36____124____04____Wayne L
37____104____03____Maurice R
38____089____02____Matt B
39____088____02____Jeff C
40____085____03____Thomas F
41____076____02____Tom S
42____070____01____Dave S
43____038____02____Tony C
44____069____02____Ryan B
45____066____02____Nat J
46____051____01____Jim M
47____051____01____Randy M
48____044____02____Paul E
49____040____01____Fritz S
50____038____01____Dean M
51____038____01____Jay W
52____038____01____Julian G
53____038____01____Kathy P
54____038____01____Mig K
55____070____01____Rob V
56____032____01____Jack S
57____032____01____Pete D
58____031____01____Kevin L
59____026____01____Saylo L


  1. Thanks again, Adam. It's going to feel like something is missing every Sunday when the clock gets near 11... looking forward to seeing everyone on the road (or trails).

  2. Adam: Thanks for all the work you put into this. Anyone that went on these rides and didn't have fun are incapable of having fun.

    Dan S.

  3. Thanks Adam.....and to all the riders who took part. Enjoyed the experience!

    Rick Chappus.

  4. Thank you again. Thank you for taking the time and energy to make the effort to rum the blog and series. Thank you for making cycling fun. Thank you for quietly making the cycling seen in Essex county a much better place to ride. Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win. Thank you for getting 59 different d-bags and d-bagettes off the couch in the winter to ride. Thank you. I'd say it to your face but you'd tell me to f-off, that it was no big deal. It was!

  5. I resent the fifth statement on the previous post, but ditto the whole thing. Thank you.

    The butcher

    P.S.- was so dehydrated from the ride I had dents in my forehead from my helmet until 8:00. My wife and kids couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and why it wouldn't go away. The wife claimed it was physical proof I was losing brain cells and was crazy enough to ride on a day as cold as today. Brrrrrr

  6. Adam and company,
    Thank you. Job well done !
    Who would of ever thought I would ride a bike outdoors through the winter season. Your WRCS made that possible. I laughed, I suffered, I cursed and I have never enjoyed riding so much.
    Cheers !

  7. I need the names and insurance policy numbers for everyone on the ride, except me, today. Riding had finally paid off. Woman Chico negligenty hit wants to file a claim. I was able to put it to rest at the scene but Pak wouldn't step up for the team. Forget this post, I just settled for a dollar.

    Dan S.