2011 WRCS No.18

Fittingly, the last night ride of the series ended with plummeting temps [big points] and snow flurries.

There were 2 singlespeed booze/beverage sleds on the ride passing out a variety of liquids. Hot or cold drinks, alcoholic or slightly-less-alcoholic drinks were the choices.

Sunday's ride will mark the finale, festivities are at 10:30, ride departs at 11:00am.

Ride Time: 2:16
Riders: 12
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -9
Night Base Score: 49
Singlespeed Score: 59

Standings [18 of 19]
01____908____18____Ian C
02____908____18____Jaime K
03____908____18____Kris P
04____847____17____Jeff H
05____801____16____Dan S
06____777____16____Pak H
07____765____16____Manny G
08____731____18____Adam M
09____697____14____Russ V
10____680____14____Norbert P
11____656____14____Chris C
12____623____15____Rick C
13____599____15____Jessie S
14____556____13____Dave P
15____524____12____John L
16____507____11____Eric L
17____477____10____George M
18____453____12____Geno W
19____453____11____Matt G
20____442____09____Rob L
21____374____10____Kim R
22____319____07____Bob L
23____309____08____Daniele D
24____288____07____Trisha S
25____280____06____Sandy B
26____242____07____Ben A
27____225____06____Bob Garneau
28____207____04____Darryl S
29____195____05____Dylan L
30____183____06____Dino M
31____159____05____Pete E
32____133____03____Alex R
33____129____04____Jim G
34____128____04____Sue S
35____127____03____Paul S
36____104____03____Maurice R
37____092____03____Wayne L
38____089____02____Matt B
39____088____02____Jeff C
40____085____03____Thomas F
41____076____02____Tom S
42____070____01____Dave S
43____069____02____Ryan B
44____066____02____Nat J
45____051____01____Jim M
46____051____01____Randy M
47____044____02____Paul E
48____040____01____Fritz S
49____038____01____Dean M
50____038____01____Jay W
51____038____01____Julian G
52____038____01____Kathy P
53____038____01____Mig K
54____038____01____Rob V
55____038____01____Tony C
56____031____01____Kevin L
57____026____01____Saylo L


  1. Popeye, are those grapes on sale in that flyer ?

    Looks like I missed a good one.


  2. Pancakes being served before the TIE BREaker, come and get 'em