Team Time Trial

It was the fastest, and probably the most painful ride of the season - well until the next ride. At a distance of 60 km, (well 59.83 technically, but 60 clearly sounds more impressive), a time trial can be daunting, good thing there was a team to share in the work.

The format was easy. Grab a 4 person team, run any equipment you wanted, get your start time, don't get caught, and finish with at least 3 - that is if all of your teammates showed. In the end, the results shook out like this:

1st Pak H./Rod G./Vince F./Ian C._____Time 1:30:22
2nd Russ V./John L./Adam M._____Time 1:25:45
3rd Ben A./Darryl S./Thomas F./Kris P._____Time 1:30:10


  1. Pure pain! Cross eyed with puke in my mouth awesome Sunday morning.

  2. Wish I could have made it out guys.
    When's the next one?

  3. Thursday night at 7pm Matt, take as many teammates as you can with you out to Belle River.