The final race of the local series finished up last night. The worst part is that we have to wait 8 months to do it all over again.

A heartfelt thanks to the members of the Ciociaro Cycling Club Executive for resurrecting this series, and to Dylan and Devon Lanspeary of Bike The Bruce for organizing all 10 events.

The series was a great opportunity for those with and without racing experience to turn some laps at a truly unique venue and engage in the timeless act of competition.

*When taking a team photo, look around at your teammates bikes, then grab the cats pajamas to flaunt in the pic. In this case black carbon and electronic shifting worked nicely. It gives the illusion that the whole clan pilots pure race machines.

Though the season of racing and riding is far from over, and the local calendar is going to be looking pretty good.


  1. Who's that Muscle bound stud on the right? Is it, can it be, holy shit it's JLo.

  2. If I wasn't feeling so lazy, I would redo the photo and crop you out if it. Then Mer would have something to really swoon about.

  3. You should know who.8/21/10, 8:19 PM

    If that is a picture of Loncke pouring water from the Riverside pool on the Ciociaro track I am going to piss myself.

  4. Hello,
    The link to the local race calendar does not work.