Shore 2 Shore: 3rd Edition

It was that time of year again when a group of cyclists got to spoil themselves with a follow vehicle used for spare wheels, feeds, and motor-pacing.

Unlike the last edition of Shore 2 Shore, this years event experienced near perfect conditions. Warm temps ensured the support vehicle was busy passing out bottles throughout the entire ride. The periodic sprints made sure the pace was kept lively and the post-ride BBQ provided some incentive to make it home.

Some Numbers

No. of Flats: 6
3 Intermediate Sprints plus the Final Sprint
No. of Gravel Sectors: 8
Total Distance of Gravel Sectors: 28.5 km
Total Ride Distance: 148.3 km

Final Results

1. Nick Dwyer___Ciclo Sport Racing
2. Ben Andrew___Maple Leaf Cycling
3. Tom Szostopal___Ciclo Sport Racing
4. Adam McClounie___Tower International Inc.
5. Matt Gervais & Chris Carvallo___Tower International Inc.


  1. Sweet video. What an awesome ride. Best of the year.

  2. Best ride of the year, A BIG thank to Adam, William, Jody and the grandparents…
    Video rocks like the salted jersey Pak…
    Adam love the home made vino!


  3. Dusty Roads & Grit in the Teeth!!!
    All to be finished off with some delicious libations.
    Followed by women with many tats and some dirty mary's
    Great ride Great day!

    Thanks to all the McClounie's
    and to Jeff Chow

  4. Oh yeah if the S$!t hits the fan the safe word is "BACON"

  5. Great ride. Thanks to the McClounie's for everything and to Jeff Chow for the support during the ride.


  6. Simply said- "GOOD TIMES"

    The Butcher

    Thanks to the entire clan for having us and then tolerating us.

  7. Thanks to the McClounie's and Mr.Chow this was a wonderful time !


  8. Great day, two totally different years, mud issues one, dehydration issues the next. Adam , loved the pocket guide..Mr Analytical here had it in and out of his pocket 30 times.
    Note to pace line attackers: they never get away with it in the Tour de France, there is no way in hell your getting away with it at Le Shore de Shore!!
    Jeff , I'm not thanking you because your my bitch anyway and it's expected.

  9. A good day of riding. Thanks to Adam for taking the lead on organizing. Thanks to Jeff for the superb tire change - when Jeff came out with the gloves on I knew “this fellow means business!”

  10. Ah sprinters, nothing like working the last few hundreds metres of a ride. At least in the Tour they make a shit load of $$$$$$.

  11. If that is a go at me John , you need to do some research, last I checked approx. 5500 of my 7000k this year have been on the front. And just for the record I'm no sprinter, I just find fast wheels to follow at the end.

  12. Nick D for mayor!8/16/10, 10:56 PM

    So Nick, what your saying is that 79 percent of the time your on the front? The front of what? If your pulling for 79 percent of the time I would find a new group of guys to ride with!! That is all!

  13. No because that number is changing and will be less as the group I ride with get better and more experience which they are now. But earlier in the year it was the best way to ensure that I got a good workout and they did as well. Yeah , that number I said is probably high but my point is I'm not a sit on and wait for the sprint guy. Unless it is an OCA race that has a 95% chance of finishing in a sprint.
    Anyway John you stick with your "bitter guy" shtick and I'll stick with my "Nick for Mayor"? thing and everything will work out fine.

  14. Couple things, John if the second unsigned statement wasn't you I apologize, I just assumed it was, if it isn't then people need to put a name to their talk. And secondly yeah my orignal statement on miles spent on the front is probably a little ridiculous but I will stick by 50%.Other than that every a-hole thing I say I will stand by.

  15. I sign my posts Nick. "Bitter", there are far better ways to describe me, "Asshole" comes to mind. I think the last thing I am is bitter. I'm very happy with what I've got going on, I sleep well at night, happy with the way I train (though I wish I could have 7000k in this year, I might have 3500k)and the way I race. Anyway don't get so defensive it's only bike riding / racing in Essex County afterall. Not a big deal in the world of cycling now is it.

  16. Fair enough John, no hard feelings.I appreciate that you are accountable for what you post, unlike the other poster.

  17. This may lay the ground work for a long overdue, second installment, of the "Angry Gentlemen's Ride. ASSHOLE vs. ASSHOLE"

    Nick, I can sympathize with your situation. I spend approximately 82% of my riding time on the front pulling around a group Florence Nightingales. Luckily you anticipate your time on the front to decrease as the group gets stronger, I however am not so lucky, the group I ride with has no hope of ever improving. Especially, this guy named Darryl - he gets worse by the pedal stroke. I went to the circus once and saw this monkey on a leash ride a mini-tricycle for peanuts. This enslaved mammal had more raw talent and heart then Darryl could ever wish to have. I should've tracked down that monkey to be my fourth teammate for the TTT.

  18. I was happy to be part of the action! In my element! watching you guys suffering/poping in the last 20kms.

  19. ok, finally, i will make my first post;
    Adam's post is too funny.
    'florence nightingales', 'no hope of ever improving' and 'monkey on a leash ride a mini tri-cycle for peanuts' - classic

    BTW - by my calculations, i spend approximately 46.75% on the front (in good conditions only)
    WTF? lol....