S2S : Finale

A small film from the day. More was planned but a waterlogged ride just didn't prove ideal and inspirational.

Notable Moment
It is customary to dip a wheel in the lake when arriving at each shore. When arriving for the first baptism confidence was high. A boat ramp looked like a good spot to perform a 180 ride through the water, but one riders mountain bike skills didn't quite translate to the road on a slippery slope. The ensuing all day rain proved useful in at least rinsing out the fish funk. Needless to say the second and final lake dip didn't even happen. General consensus was that there was enough H2O for the day.

Sorry PHO, the vision of the whole incident was just too good not to share.

Until next year.


  1. Sweet video. The pictures don't show how rainy it was but you picked avery appropriate music choice.

  2. Memories!

  3. That is cool, thanks Adam and family for the great times. Makes riding all the more enjoyable with friends like this.

  4. Cool video, cool music - very Quentin T. Making us Glorious Bastards? Indeed!