A Reason To Ride

Riding a bicycle has a different purpose for each person. Racing, commuting, or a shift towards a healthier lifestyle can all be big motivators.

This is William. Last August at the age of 54 he decided to take up cycling, two months after being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. His foray into cycling started out with a mountain bike which he faithfully rode during the fall and throughout the winter months.

He journals all of his rides. As he approaches his one year anniversary of the two-wheeler, his journal has logged 159 rides. All outdoors. No trainer, no spin classes. One entry over the winter months states "5:30 am ride. 1 hour. Temperature -28 w/o windchill."

In the spring he got a road bike and a whole new segment of cycling opened up. Several weeks ago he rode 150 km solo. Also, his first race is planned for the upcoming month - and of course a new bike is on its way as well, because when the bug bites....

Though every reason to ride is different, the simple act of just riding can be reason enough.


  1. inspriational, to say the very least. great job William!

  2. Amazing, William...you managed to get Adam to drop the sarcasm for a bit of compassion and, dare I say, true emotion. Brilliant.

    Seriously, though, that's an incredible story. I am proud to say that I've shared the same patch of asphalt with you.

  3. Nothing short of true inspiration. That is amazing! Keep it up.

  4. Max edge needs to build a vortex of terror for after monday night rides. Check it out at the 109 link below. It should be built on a much larger scale and have a two beer minimum before entering

  5. Simply awesome. Honoured to be riding with you!

  6. Great Job William!!
    Truly amazing...look forward to more rides in the future!!!

  7. I am a litte late to comment. Two things:

    William -- I am so impressed. I was moved, truly.

    Adam -- my dad is gone. Wish I would have said things to him like you have to yours. Good for you!

  8. Thanks for the kind words and to Adam for the post