A month of great weather had to end sometime, and as it did the 2nd annual Shore To Shore commenced under dark skies and a steady rain.

The event crosed the county, going from lake to lake, and incorporated some rarely used routes. Points would be awarded at three intermediate sprints along the way and at the finish to combine for an overall victor.

A follow vehicle was used for timely wheel changes, swapping of kits, and easy feeds. The luxury of having a support car would be a nice addition to every ride. At the end of the 146 km route the rain still fell just as it did in the beginning and fifteen wet, tired cyclists hunkered down for an evening of food, drinks, and eventually a county fair.

Final Points Standings

1. Daniele DeFranceschi (Jet Fuel)
2. Nick Dwyer (Ciclo Sport Racing)
3. Jeff Chow (Ciclo Sport Racing)


  1. Thanks for the white mud gravel roads the point sprints and the follow support car. The route was awesome! Another epic ride that BikeSabbath hosted!

  2. Thanks to Adam and the McClounie Clan for their hospitality and a great ride. Where are the pics of Pak dipping his wheels?

  3. Fantastic day, even with the rain. The support car was great, thanks again to Adam's Grandparents. The BBQ delicious and the Comber Fair wicked! Great job Adam, William and Jody. Lastly I'd like to thank my liver for supporting me all afternoon / evening / night.

  4. Adam & all the McClounie's,

    Thanks for the hospitality!!! A great day of riding and a great evening of food and drinks.

    Mr. bikeSABBATH thanks for not posting the pics of the wheel dipping ceremony!

    Till next time!!

  5. Thanks Adam for planning a great route and to the group for letting me share, in part, the route. My goal next year is to keep up with the pace and gut it to the end. The pace of the second part of the ride was wicked, so I was not too sad about opting to ride in the follow vehicle. Looking forward to S2S3.

  6. Great ride , thanks Adam and the Adamettes. The problem I see moving forward is that is just won't feel the same without rain. Maybe we could add an extra 25-35k of dirt to try and soften up Daniele. I could of dusted him on those sprints but he has Nationals coming up and I didn't want to mess his head up. The good news is sand in chamois is a great way to exfoliate the groin region.
    I think I will get a follow car every time I go riding, notice not one angry honk the whole ride, that makes a first.

  7. I also want to express my thanks and gratitude to Adam and his family, grandparents, parents for hosting an absolutely awsesome ride. The ride is tough the weather made it tougher but it felt damn good. The warmth and hospitality of the farm house after was beyond compare and coaxing myself to leave around 9:30 pm was even tougher. The pace was awesome the roads refined and the clothes and bikes dirty. I vote for some skulls on the road to mark the way.

    Adam, you out did yourself and your family is incredible. Even if meme shot me the big bird. lol

  8. Between saturday and monday it may have been the best two days of riding ever. Thanks to Adam and the McClounies for the great day. I hope to experience and see the wrath of Admas mom dished out on John one more time before the end of the summer. I don't know what hurt more; my legs from riding or my abs from laughing. Awesome time, awesome eats and awesome company.

    The Butcher