Triple Threat

A few weeks out from the actual ride and the idea sounded good- three rides combined into one day making for some big mileage. Despite a quiet and subdued roll out from the group, everyone had a successful day, though it is doubtful that this ride will ever happen again.

Stage One

Cross bikes on the Greenway to Leamington and back. Of course, the traditional stop for tacos and all in all it was a fairly straight forward stage. Also, not one mechanical for this leg, an accomplishment in itself.

Stage Two

A 12.3 km time trial. Even with a ridiculous gusting wind everyone put forth a solid effort and it showed in the times. 19:25 would claim the fastest and Polish Tom was disappointed in his 'sure pick'.

A quick break before the stage three kick-off provided the opportunity for eating, drinking, and eating. Pizza in a glycogen deprived state can be difficult to turn down, though punishing when gorged upon.

Stage Three

Monday Night Worlds. Others unable to participate in the full day showed up to share in the workload and the strong winds, many thanks. The typical Worlds zest prevailed as attacks were launched and the pace kept high. Some temper(s) flared and the passion for cycling was alive and well.

Each stage run independently usually is enough to leave you tired. The fact that the tempo was pushed continously throughout the day provided a good test.

In the end 222 km were covered.


  1. Great job everyone!!!!
    Monumental Day!!!

    Don't listen to the rumors, CYCLING IS NOT DEAD!!!

  2. when are we going to do this again. I wanna do all 3 this time and maybe a longer TT. Perhaps an Ice cream stop.

  3. Cycling is alive and well in Auckland. It's just a little less ANGRY. For now, anyway...MaxEdge is here now.
    I've already got three races picked out for Oct. and Nov. that I need some teammates for...
    Cycling may not be dead here, but WINTER sure is...I went night moutain biking last night...in shorts and a long sleeve jersey. beauty.

  4. Awesome day, but don't ask me to do it again anytime soon. Though it may have destroyed any hope of riding well at S 2 S, or was it the perfect training effort 5 days out. We'll have to wait and see.

  5. The longest I have ever ridden in one day is 190 miles, but noone seved me tacos or pizza... you dudes rule!!