Country Cross Series

Last years edition of the Country Cross has been expanded into a two race series.

These 2 events will be a great way to compete or spectate at a couple of fun, grassroots cyclo-cross races.

The cost for racers is $15/race and includes complimentary food and drink. Two separate start times have been added this year as well to ensure an accurate compilation of all results.

RACE No.1: Saturday November 6th, 2010
10600 5th Concession (Lakeshore Rd.305)
Comber, ON
N0P 1J0

RACE No.2: Saturday November 20th, 2010
3825 3rd Concession
Harrow, ON
N0R 1G0


  1. The Harrow Cross course is going to a faster & SMOOOTHER circuit!!! Should be lots of fun, but will there be a Teeter-Totter???

    Sign up and find out.

  2. 1) anyone out there have a ride they are looking to get rid of cheap?? I have a friend from out of town who needs something half decent to get to and from teacher's college.
    2) am i correct in assuming theBash is Halloween attire?

  3. yeah Stew...what size bike???

  4. If Halloween attire equals cotton tees and cut-off plaid, the yes.

  5. Cross course is almost done and is entirely different from last year. It will not disappoint.

    The Butcher

  6. Large, 17.5, he's a six foot lightweight! Send me the specs and I'll see if he's interested.

    Cotton tees and plaid cutoffs = race attire.
    I am talking a scarecrow or ghost or teenwolf or justin beiber... you know, something that would go over well in Harrow!!

  7. Pics from the first CC event