Country Cross 09

Time of death was approximately 11:50 am on Sunday November 15th. Cycling has lived a good season and the closing lap of the Country Cross at 11:49 am was a good way to end it.

This little grassroots event was dynamite. It was evident that a lot of hard work went into it and the payoff was big.

Some highlights:

1. Great course design which included a teeter-totter and horse manure
2. Good rider participation
3. BBQ/drinks/tee-shirts

Will cycling have a revival? Perhaps it is best to think of the Country Cross as the jumpstart to the new season.


coming soon??

photos: pete.g.

Other News...

Stumbled across this site, On The Dirt Side. It is the tales of local mountain bike racer, Sue, and it chronicles an entire season racing and life's distractions in between. Sorry to say I've missed out on this for so long.


  1. Results:
    "A" Race
    1. Adam McClounie - MaxEdge 1:06:00
    2. Ben Andrew - MLCC 1:06:37
    3. Dylan "Don John" - ABikes 1:08:00
    4. Chico Carvallo - MaxEdge 1:08:00
    5. Darryl Schives - 1:08:52
    6. Jeff Chow - Hooters 1:10:30
    7. Roberto Vani - Ciclo Sport 1:11:00
    8. Jim Gouin - MaxEdge 1:11:30
    9. J. Woods - Ciclo Sport 1:13:17
    10. Tony Chau - 1:14:26
    11. Ian Cullion - MaxEdge 1:18:33
    12. John "No Handouts" Loncke - MaxEdge 1:19:37

    "B" Race
    1. Paul Sovran - 53:46

  2. Thx for everyone for coming out!
    Next event less Manure more mud.

  3. What, no video? Biking may be dead but surely videography lives on, no?

  4. I've got a video coming (please don't expect a FilmFest entry)... should be up in a couple of days.

  5. STOLEN VIDEO...STOLEN VIDEO...seen here first before the offical release date!

  6. The B Team is still waiting for complete results.