one hundred

A couple of items of less and modest importance.

First off, this will mark the 100th post for bikeSABBATH. Not much more to say about that.

Fairly anticlimatic.

Go on, you can say it JLo. Thats what she said. There, feel better?


Secondly, a video of last weekends cross race courtesy of Jeff H. A film maker who suffered for his art - shooting and directing all the while on crutches. Frankly, a good use of downtime. If you can't race with 'em, then film 'em, edit 'em, and score some music for it. Nice job.


  1. Hands down best picture of all 100 posts. JLo you rock!

  2. Great job on the video Jeff!

  3. 30 minutes after this picture was taken rider #326 would be relegated to last place. A MCG, Piority Health and Wolverine conspiracy. It would take weeks of numerous e-mails and phone calls to right this terrible injustice. A special thanks to Kevin. You know who I'm talking about. Lastly though the reults were corrected there is unfinished business to clean up in 2010.

  4. Forgot to post this as well. The Rocket Mountain Bike Club has an AGM this weekend.
    Annual General Meeting

    "The AGM is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, November 22nd at 7:00pm in Essex. All are welcome.

    There will be a recap of what happened this year and general talk about the club.

    There will be club positions for anybody interested in filling in. Dates for events for next year will be discussed at a later date.

    Place: United Communities Credit Union
    148 Talbot St N., Essex ON N8M 2C7
    (Beside the Beer Store in the back)"

  5. So what your saying is there is a beer run at 7pm Sunday, is that right.

  6. Oh Anonymous, you are ever so witty!

  7. race highlight @1:02

  8. A special BSab post100 report can be seen here.

  9. In a perfect world all would rock the handlebar mustache with a suit. Not sure what Pak is saying at the end of the video though? A translation would be appreciated, though it is probably something like "electronic shifting is the bees knees".

  10. The Buthcher11/22/09, 1:39 PM

    Sweat tie Adam! At the end, was that Chico as a ninja or, Pak as a chico?

    Just to clear up a previous post- I am not the big JLo fan that JLo is trying to make me out to be by assuming my identity. D-bag

  11. I love those xtranormal vids, if you go on Can.Cyclist someone posted some links to some, there is one of hipster cross guys, it's a good one.

  12. Do we not know anyone spanish to translate for us?

  13. I heart Jlo!
    -The Butcher