Race day on the horizon

Time to dust off the racing legs for this weekends Country Cross Race.

Latest update from the organizers:

Just a reminder about the Country Cross Race this coming weekend!!
The event will be held rain or shine!!! Food & Drinks will be served afterwards.
The entry fee will be $10, tee shirts will be available for purchase quantities are limited.

Parking will be in the field next to 3825 3rd Concession, a sign will be posted.
For those who are not sure how to get there from Windsor here are some quick directions.

From Walker Road take it towards Harrow...just before Harrow turn LEFT at the 3rd Concession about 2km on your right

From Hwy#3 turn right onto the Arner Townline and take it to Harrow...at the 3rd Concession turn RIGHT and it should be on your left about 1km down.

Volunteers are needed so if you do not want to race feel free to come by and volunteer!!

Below is a clip of 2007's Pure Sweet Hell. Credited as one of the first films to document cyclocross, it is shot entirely on Super 8 film and features framebuilder Rick Hunter [also featured in an exploit of Monday Night Worlds]. So watch the video, get motivated, then dig deep into the suitcase of courage for a day of hard racing and even harder celebrating.


  1. It's going to be a great race!!!
    Remember its only 1 hr of hell!!!

    See you all there!

  2. I'm willing to volunteer, if someone wants to give me a ride out there from Windsor.

  3. Can we get better directions, yahoo maps says its over 1000 miles to get to concession, LA or if this is correct does anyone want to carpool??

  4. delete above, i had only saw the poster... i guess actually reading the post would be wise...see y'all there!! (possibly)

  5. ...and sweet vid!

  6. Anonymous - try this link for directions that might be better than yahoo maps: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=

  7. oh man this could hurt. Better load up on the MUFAs!!

  8. I have noticed that Bsab here loves to promote events he plans on winning...or maybe he just wins more than his share of events??? Either way, awesome event!! A great fast pace that tortured some strong riders, always great to watch!

  9. Perhaps that is the secret. If you want to do well then promote the hell out of it.

    Full report of the Country Cross to come soon. Pics and results are being compiled (relax and breath Manny).

  10. i'm in therapy due to the antcipatory anxiety of waiting for your next post.