To be honest things got out of hand. It was a potent cocktail of vices, but in the end everyone made it out alive - hurting, but alive.

The significance of this ride was that it marked the first post for bikeSABBATH one year ago. However, the stakes were raised this time around. Ingredients for a memorable/forgettable night can include:

1. A booze sled
2. Fireworks
3. Cake
4. Champagne, among other things
5. Creek hydroplaning
6. Biking, of course


  1. I was hoping to make it, but unforunately something else came up. Looks like you guys had a blast.

  2. Sorry I missed the 1 yr B Bash event. I was working on home renos to ensure that the farm facilities are up to code for S2S 2010. Wow, booze, bikes, boys and fireworks spells a wicked combo

  3. Is it just me or does one of those pictures resemble Optimus Prime shooting fire out of the front of his bike??

  4. Greatest ride ever!! I think... memory a little foggy. Could be due to crash #3 or the BEvERages.

  5. Foggy's right, I am still piecing that night together. The greatest ride ever Definitely. I just remembered Pak running down the greenway with wheel in one hand and bike in the other, Crazy!!!

  6. easily the greatest ride of the year! as far as being foggy and not realizing things....i was wondering why the last 2km my bike felt like it was handling a bit odd. it was because i was riding on a flat tire and realize it. i might need a new rim.