Year One

The first anniversary of bikeSABBATH is fast approaching. The last year has been a great season of riding in general, whether it was training, racing, or just pedalling circles.

Though not always apparent, there is a purpose to this site. The rides documented here are what motivate a few with the hope of motivating many. Personalized and individualisic stories are not the end goal, granted there is a uniqueness to riding in this region with these people, but really these rides could happen anywhere with any group - just change the scenery and swap the kits.

Scanning through the archives, much of the pain and suffering experienced on any one of those rides is replaced with anticipation for the chance to do it all again in 2010. This time only faster.

Looking towards the upcoming season its tough to say in which direction bikeSABBATH will go. The newly reinstated local road races will provide a good focal point. Also, there are some bigger events and rides that need to be added to a to-do-list. And with such a broad and dispersed cycling commnunity in the area it would be great to participate in any number of organized rides that happen on any given day of the week. But in the end hopefully not too much changes, because this past season was a geniune panic from the start to the looming finish.

So thanks to those who read the antics journaled on this site and a special thanks to those who shared in the rides over the past year.


  1. Thanks to Mr. BikeSabbath for giving so many of those rides purpose with this blog and to contributing to the antics that made this season so fun.

  2. Although, I am not a member of your group of sado masochist cyclists, I have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures, keep the posts coming. Sure it somewhat demoralizes my cycling abilities but it also motivates me and most importantly makes me laugh.
    - BD Matty

  3. Thanks Mr. BikeSabbath for all the memories this season! Just think I was going to hang it up. Looking forward to 2010