Friday the 13th anyone?

WRCS No. 3 is going to be the first night ride of the series. Front and rear lights are a must on the off chance you get split up from the group.

But if you do find yourself drifting off the back, don't worry, JLo is always available to effortlessly push you back into the comfort of the groups draft.

Notice below how the rider on the right is struggling, hence the need for the divine intervention of JLo's magic hands. (TWSS).


  1. I can still feel the warm glow of his helpful hand on my back. Thank JLo.

  2. Broken Chain1/10/12, 6:23 PM

    I fell behind because I dropped my glove last year and while attempting to maintain the pace with JLo to rejoin the main group, I snapped my chain. Left for death, JLo returned shortly with a chain tool and help from others. I shale forever be indebted to my saviour.

  3. TWSS = Thats What She Said.

  4. JLo, JLo, JLo for mayor.

  5. This is why I ride. A thousand thanks to my 3 fans and Mr. bikeSABBATH!


  6. It Strikes!! Went out this morning (5:00am) and discovered that bike tires and ice don't mix. I came out unscathed but Ol' Rocky came out with some road rash on the brake levers. The pretty black SRAM paint is a little uglier now.