2012 WRCS No.3

It had to happen sometime.

A dusting of the white stuff made for a proper WRCS. Strong winds and light flurries actually made for an enjoyable trip around some rail trails and county roads.

Get to do it again in less then 48 hours. See you there.

Ride Time: 2:01
Riders: 19
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -11
Night Base Score: 51
Singlespeed Score: 61

Standings [3 of 18]

01____124____03____Ian C
02____124____03____Jeff H
03____124____03____Russ V
04____114____03____Pak H
05____095____02____Andrew B
06____094____03____Adam M
07____094____03____Bernie G
08____094____03____Daryl S
09____094____03____Dave P
10____094____03____Fritz L
11____094____03____Geno W
12____094____03____John L
13____094____03____Kevin L
14____075____02____Jessie S
15____075____02____Paul S
16____075____02____Rosemary B
17____070____02____Brenda S
18____051____01____Dan S
19____051____01____Mike S
20____043____02____Brian B
21____043____02____Dean M
22____043____02____Kim R
23____043____02____Manny G
24____043____02____Matt C
25____043____02____Mary M
26____043____02____Rick C
27____043____02____Sandra B
28____043____02____Sean K
29____043____02____Sydney K
30____034____01____Rob L
31____029____01____George M
32____024____01____Bob L
33____024____01____Dallas D
34____024____01____Dylan L
35____024____01____Ernie W
36____024____01____Garneau Bob
38____024____01____Jack S
39____024____01____Jelle D
40____024____01____Jim H
41____024____01____Kathy P
42____024____01____Marc M
43____024____01____Moe L
44____024____01____Pete E
45____024____01____Roger L
46____024____01____Wayne L
47____019____01____Eric L
48____019____01____Fern L
49____019____01____Jeff C
50____019____01____Jim G
51____019____01____Mark J
52____019____01____Matt B
53____019____01____Sue S


  1. Anyone every shit there pants????

  2. I've got a story or eight. We will chat over beers.

  3. No we will chat over water and chocolate milk.

  4. 6 dudes walk into a restaurant. 2 order beer, the rest order hysterectomies. Sheesh.