2012 WRCS No.4


Finally some big points available [due to the cold], the sun was out, the winds were light, and the legs were shattered thoroughly, but isn't that what it's all about?

The podium for the overall title seems firmly in the hands of the single-speeders, but maybe this is the year The Butcher cracks and relinquishes his strangle hold of the WRCS.

Stay tuned.

Ride Time: 2:44
Riders: 27
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -14
Base Score: 39
Singlespeed Score: 49

Standings [4 of 18]

01____173____04____Ian C
02____173____04____Jeff H
03____173____04____Russ V
04____153____04____Pak H
05____133____04____Adam M
06____133____04____Daryl S
07____133____04____Dave P
08____133____04____Fritz L
09____133____04____Geno W
10____133____04____John L
11____133____04____Kevin L
12____114____03____Jessie S
13____109____03____Brenda S
14____095____02____Andrew B
15____094____03____Bernie G
16____090____02____Dan S
17____082____03____Kim R
18____082____03____Mary M
19____082____03____Matt C
20____082____03____Sydney K
21____075____02____Paul S
22____075____02____Rosemary B
23____063____02____Dallas D
24____063____02____Dylan L
25____058____02____Eric L
26____058____02____Sue S
27____051____01____Mike S
28____043____02____Brian B
29____043____02____Dean M
30____043____02____Manny G
31____043____02____Rick C
32____043____02____Sandra B
33____043____02____Sean K
34____039____01____Dave S
35____039____01____Dino M
36____039____01____Jim N
37____039____01____Tom B
38____039____01____Tony C
39____034____01____Rob L
40____029____01____George M
41____024____01____Bob L
42____024____01____Ernie W
43____024____01____Garneau Bob
45____024____01____Jack S
46____024____01____Jelle D
47____024____01____Jim H
48____024____01____Kathy P
49____024____01____Marc M
50____024____01____Moe L
51____024____01____Pete E
52____024____01____Roger L
53____024____01____Wayne L
54____019____01____Fern L
55____019____01____Jeff C
56____019____01____Jim G
57____019____01____Mark J
58____019____01____Matt B


  1. Winter riding doesn't get a whole lot nicer than today. Thanks everybody.

  2. The Butcher will not crack. It's all part of the mind game. BTW read his book. It's excellent.

    Dan S.

  3. I'm pretty busy is there a Coles Notes version of The Butcher's book?

  4. The title: The secret to pulling.
    Chapter 1: Don't.

    That's it. Where were you today. We were joking about it. Your legs must have been screaming and blocked out the conversation.

    Dan S.

  5. I'm losing fitness by the day....not that I had much of it anyway. By the way, it's 29*C and I'm on a beach


  6. Manuel,
    If you wear the appropriate winter layers (3-4), and take video of you riding on the beach (sand = snow) in 29*C weather, I may award all points missed. Consider yourself being on a fillipon mission to spread the word of the WRCS.

  7. Sorry, fillipon should read fillipino. A fillipon is probably the name of the countries top-selling feminine napkin.

  8. I will do my best to find the appropriate clothing and ride on the beach. And yes that is the name of the feminine napkin.


  9. Chris is SArah just released this wedding video. Enjoy. Http://m.youtube.com/index?Desktop_uri=%2f&gl=ca#/watch?v=sf9xbyhrwtk