Local Promo

It is with great privilege that every year, early into the season, an announcement can be made on behalf of THREE SIXTY promotions.

And this season is no different. The crew from THREE SIXTY, with the support of the Ciociaro Cycling Club, are at it again. Building upon the successes of last years several Ontario Cups, and specifically the O-Cup hosted at the Ciociaro track facility, they have secured the 2012 Provincial Criterium Championships for the labour day weekend.

THREE SIXTY organizer Dylan is always quick with a smile, even while winter riding.

On September 1st the incredibly unique cycling track at the Ciociaro Club will again play host to the regions fastest cyclists. The event, along with being the Provincial Championships, has also been designated as a Youth Cup event as well, making for a full day of racing for all ages.

Provided that the historic Tour di Via Italia can regain any momentum lost during its one year hiatus, then this area will become a must-destination for a weekend of great racing.

Check out THREE SIXTY for a list for all of their 2012 events.


  1. Nice work Dylan, thanks for all your efforts.

  2. I agree with the last comment, though it was probably Dylan who left it.