2012 WRCS No.5

Urban mess.

Today was a day of slow trudging, briskly paced open road, followed by more trudging. Looking forward to the slightly rural venues of the next three WRCS' and their ease of access to county roads.

Pretty sure The Butcher was overheard talking about hanging up his wheels for the season. Who's going to challenge for his top ranking?

Definitely not J "mental fortitude" Lo.

Ride Time: 2:18
Riders: 33
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -11
Base Score: 36
Singlespeed Score: 46

Standings [5 of 18]

01____219____05____Ian C
02____219____05____Jeff H
03____219____05____Russ V
04____189____05____Pak H
05____179____05____Dave P
06____169____05____Adam M
07____169____05____Daryl S
08____169____05____Geno W
09____169____05____John L
10____169____05____Kevin L
11____150____04____Jessie S
12____145____04____Brenda S
13____141____03____Andrew B
14____133____04____Fritz L
15____130____04____Bernie G
16____126____03____Dan S
17____118____04____Kim R
18____118____04____Mary M
19____118____04____Sydney K
20____111____03____Paul S
21____111____03____Rosemary B
22____099____03____Dallas D
23____099____03____Dylan L
24____087____02____Mike S
25____082____03____Matt C
26____075____02____Tony C
27____060____02____Bob L
28____060____02____Jelle D
29____060____02____Kathy P
30____060____02____Pete E
31____060____02____Wayne L
32____058____02____Eric L
33____058____02____Sue S
34____045____02____Jeff C
35____045____02____Jim G
36____043____02____Brian B
37____043____02____Dean M
38____043____02____Manny G
39____043____02____Rick C
40____043____02____Sandra B
41____043____02____Sean K
42____039____01____Dave S
43____039____01____Dino M
44____039____01____Jim N
45____039____01____Tom B
46____036____01____Chris C
47____036____01____Norb P
48____034____01____Rob L
49____029____01____George M
50____024____01____Ernie W
51____024____01____Garneau Bob
53____024____01____Jack S
54____024____01____Jim H
55____024____01____Marc M
56____024____01____Moe L
57____024____01____Roger L
58____019____01____Fern L
59____019____01____Mark J
60____019____01____Matt B
61____015____01____Matt G [Minglin']


  1. Cyclist say some pretty funny stuff. How many of these quotes are you guilty of? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCkuqL9IcM

  2. I just got home, long way to push the bike !


  3. Funny youtube clip! The part around 1:00 reminds me of Dan from the last couple of rides.

    Anybody looking to buy a new Cervelo? They have a promotion where two people buying new ones before the end of the month each get $1,000 of their bikes. I'm looking to partner up with somebody locally otherwise I might have to go out of town to do this.

    If interested let me know ASAP at tonychau23(at)gmail.com.

  4. Log all the time. As Adam would say "Chamois time, is training time".

    The Butcher.

  5. I thought I scored some social points!


  6. Russ, based on todays chamois time, you shouldn't have to touch the bike until March 12, 2013. Base miles done, nice work.

  7. Hmm no extra points for getting hit by a car eh?

    I gotta read the rule book

    (Im fine)