2012 WRCS No.2

Big sun and big numbers.

A great day to be riding your bike in January. It can't last much longer, but it was a good run.

Ride Time: 2:28
Riders: 42
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 1
Base Score: 24
Singlespeed Score: 34

Standings [2 of 18]

01____063____02____Ian C
02____063____02____Jeff H
03____063____02____Russ V
04____053____02____Pak H
05____043____02____Adam M
06____043____02____Bernie G
07____043____02____Brian B
08____043____02____Daryl S
09____043____02____Dave P
10____043____02____Dean M
11____043____02____Fritz L
12____043____02____Geno W
13____043____02____John L
14____043____02____Kevin L
15____043____02____Kim R
16____043____02____Manny G
17____043____02____Matt C
18____043____02____Mary M
19____043____02____Rick C
20____043____02____Sandra B
21____043____02____Sean K
22____043____02____Sydney K
23____034____01____Andrew B
24____034____01____Rob L
25____029____01____George M
26____024____01____Bob L
27____024____01____Dallas D
28____024____01____Dylan L
29____024____01____Ernie W
30____024____01____Garneau Bob
32____024____01____Jack S
33____024____01____Jelle D
34____024____01____Jessie S
35____024____01____Jim H
36____024____01____Kathy P
37____024____01____Marc M
38____024____01____Moe L
39____024____01____Paul S
40____024____01____Pete E
41____024____01____Roger L
42____024____01____Rosemary B
43____024____01____Wayne L
44____019____01____Brenda S
45____019____01____Eric L
46____019____01____Fern L
47____019____01____Jeff C
48____019____01____Jim G
49____019____01____Mark J
50____019____01____Matt B
51____019____01____Sue S

If I missed your name for the ride, or I completely messed it up, please contact me at the email below to make the correction.


  1. Great ride Kim! Good times. Hope you're feeling better Manuel.

  2. Not only was Kim having a great ride...but her fat husband was on a geared bike NOT a SS.
    So I need to lose 10pts & 10lbs.

  3. Wow low blow!!!!!!!!!

  4. I say award him 20 pts for his honesty.

  5. Nope I think you should take away ALL my points!!!