2011 WRCS No.9

In the words of a fallen contender, "and then there were three".

High winds and frigid temps did nothing to dampen the spirits of 17 riders. Even when the roads were drifted over and visibility was scarce, the group managed to grind out a slow tempo into a bloc headwind, followed by a quick tailwind return.

As with last year it was very close to the Chilean's birthday. Unfortunately for us, the group was not again entertained by his celebratory antics. Fortunately for him, he can wake up the next day without his eyeballs bleeding. In the meantime, please review his party prowess from last season.

It should be noted that Garneau Bob earned social points on this evening after graciously purchasing libations. Let that be a lesson to all - the dealer of points is not above bribes.

Ride Time: 2:16
Riders: 17
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -13
Night Base Score: 53
Singlespeed Score: 63

Standings [9 of 19]

01____467____09____Ian C
02____467____09____Jaime K
03____467____09____Kris P
04____457____09____Pak H
05____424____08____Chris C
06____419____08____Dan S
07____411____08____Russ V
08____406____08____Jeff H
09____404____08____Manny G
10____377____09____Adam M
11____377____09____Eric L
12____350____07____George M
13____324____08____John L
14____304____07____Matt G
15____298____06____Norbert P
16____297____07____Jessie S
17____288____07____Rick C
18____264____06____Dave P
19____255____06____Daniele D
20____227____06____Geno W
21____207____04____Darryl S
22____183____05____Ben A
23____175____04____Rob L
24____166____04____Bob Garneau
25____142____03____Bob L
26____135____03____Dylan L
27____133____03____Alex R
28____127____03____Paul S
29____117____03____Sandy B
30____116____03____Kim R
31____089____02____Matt B
32____088____02____Jeff C
34____078____02____Maurice R
35____076____02____Pete E
36____076____02____Tom S
37____072____02____Jim G
38____051____01____Jim M
39____051____01____Randy M
40____048____01____Sue S
41____044____01____Dino M
42____040____01____Fritz S
43____040____01____Wayne L
44____038____01____Dean M
45____038____01____Jay W
46____038____01____Julian G
47____038____01____Kathy P
48____038____01____Mig K
49____038____01____Nat J
50____038____01____Rob V
51____038____01____Ryan B
52____038____01____Tony C
53____034____01____Paul E


  1. Perhaps the Chilean decided to celebrate his birthday in a more romantic (god that word hurts) way. After all, even sober, I think after seeing Stef and how radiant she looks, he felt it was time to stand the world on its head and try having a child. He was sober wasn't he?

    Dan S

  2. His first in Canada?

    - Chilean Wife Numero 3