2011 WRCS No.10

The series is past the half way point. Not yet sure if that is motivating or depressing.

Another ride with ferocious winds - who needs mountains with that kind of resistance? Oddly enough another vehicle needed rescuing from a snowbank - there's gotta be some good karma coming back around.

Ride Time: 2:13
Riders: 24
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -3
Base Score: 28
Singlespeed Score: 38

Standings [10 of 19]

01____505____10____Ian C
02____505____10____Jaime K
03____505____10____Kris P
04____495____10____Pak H
05____462____09____Chris C
06____457____09____Dan S
07____449____09____Russ V
08____444____09____Jeff H
09____442____09____Manny G
10____405____10____Adam M
11____388____08____George M
12____377____09____Eric L
13____336____07____Norbert P
14____325____08____Jessie S
15____324____08____John L
16____316____08____Rick C
17____304____07____Matt G
18____292____07____Dave P
19____283____07____Daniele D
20____255____07____Geno W
21____211____06____Ben A
22____207____04____Darryl S
23____194____05____Bob Garneau
24____175____04____Rob L
25____144____04____Kim R
26____142____03____Bob L
27____135____03____Dylan L
28____133____03____Alex R
29____127____03____Paul S
30____117____03____Sandy B
32____089____02____Matt B
33____088____02____Jeff C
34____078____02____Maurice R
35____076____02____Pete E
36____076____02____Tom S
37____072____02____Dino M
38____072____02____Jim G
39____066____02____Nat J
40____051____01____Jim M
41____051____01____Randy M
42____048____01____Sue S
43____040____01____Fritz S
44____040____01____Wayne L
45____038____01____Dean M
46____038____01____Jay W
47____038____01____Julian G
48____038____01____Kathy P
49____038____01____Mig K
50____038____01____Rob V
51____038____01____Ryan B
52____038____01____Tony C
53____034____01____Paul E
54____028____01____Thomas F


  1. Nice ride. Lots of wind but a warm, "Spring isn't too far away", south westerly kind of wind.
    The highlight though: soup at the Taloola Cafe. Delicious. Not to be missed.

    Jeff H.

  2. Not to be missed on those south westerly windy type days. The wheel or you're kicked to the curb...

    Dan S

  3. Been there.......