2010 WRCS No.9

This ride started with an entertaining slog down a small sector of the Greenway. Technical skills were put to the test, that is if you had some.

Once on the road the group kept a steady tempo over the next 50 km (with the occassional sprint of course) all in the name of returning to celebrate a birthday.

It was Chico's birthing anniversary, and let's just say he enjoyed himself, and we in turn enjoyed his enjoyment. Lesson of the evening was that copious amounts of sambuca makes him sexy - see for yourself.

Happy Birthday Chico.

Ride Time: 1:54
Riders: 15
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -7
Night Base Score: 47
Singlespeed Score: 57

Standings [9 of 18]

01____444____09____James K
02____414____09____Dan S
03____399____08____Pak H
04____396____08____Chris C
05____396____08____Russ V
06____374____09____Len B
07____371____07____Ian C
08____354____09____Adam M
09____354____09____Manny G
10____345____07____Kris P
11____323____06____Dave P
12____313____08____Darryl S
13____258____06____Rob L
14____241____06____John L
15____217____05____Jeff C
16____149____04____Pete E
17____146____04____Kim R
18____146____04____Mark T
19____141____03____Sue S
20____121____03____Bob L
21____110____03____Sandy B
22____104____03____Tim O
23____104____03____Ben A
24____103____02____Dante D
25____101____03____Nat J
26_____82____02____George M
27_____80____02____Wayne L
28_____69____02____Jim G
29_____67____02____Scott J
30_____57____01____Pauwel D
31_____45____01____Dana H
32_____45____01____Geno W
33_____45____01____Spencer J
34_____41____01____Dylan L
35_____41____01____Rob P
36_____41____01____Trevor B
37_____38____01____Thomas F
38_____35____01____Dino M
39_____35____01____Geoff S
40_____35____01____Tom S
41_____35____01____Tony C
42_____28____01____Greg A
43_____28____01____Jay W
44_____28____01____Nick D
45_____28____01____Paul E
46_____28____01____Rob V


  1. Happy Birthday Chico. I love Friday night rides, but I hate the Saturday morning hangover that always seemss to accompany them. F!

    The Butcher

  2. Chico. Are you nursing the 2 day hangover? Missing a ride because you partied just too damn hard is admirable.

  3. Happy Birthday Chico sorry I missed it. The drinking that is!

  4. i should have had a video camera for the car ride home. it only got better.


  5. That was Chico getting drunk in real time.

  6. That was a whole night of Chico fun all compressed into a 1minute and 53 second clip and set to some fantastic music... very entertaining almost better then seeing it live...