2010 WRCS No.8

It can be lonely at the top. The series is down to a single leader - good luck not crumbling under the pressure.

And what aobut 2nd place? The new guy is surging from obscurity after his multi to single switch - nice job Dan, just don't succumb to the 'missed ride'.

Pic No.1

Anyone at last years Alpe d'Windsor will recognize these two as one of the highlights. Though they appear to be riding side by side in this pic, the Alpe race was a completely different story. Wait for this years for this rivalry alone.

Pic No.2

This bend signals one of the most honoured end of the ride sprints in the area. Sure the Old Tecumseh Rd. sprint has notoriety, but the curvy roads along the water into River Canard are some of the most spirited training grounds around.

WRCS No.10 Update:

If the weather holds, the ride from Taloola will feature some single track through Black Oaks/Morton Terminal. Remember, this will be after a Friday night shoot-out.

Ride Time: 2:04
Riders: 23
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -10
Base Score: 35
Singlespeed Score: 45

Standings [8 of 18]

01____387____08____James K
02____357____08____Dan S
03____342____07____Pak H
04____339____07____Chris C
05____339____07____Russ V
06____327____08____Len B
07____314____06____Ian C
08____307____08____Adam M
09____307____08____Manny G
10____288____06____Kris P
11____266____07____Darryl S
12____266____05____Dave P
13____241____06____John L
14____217____05____Jeff C
15____201____05____Rob L
16____149____04____Pete E
17____146____04____Kim R
18____146____04____Mark T
19____141____03____Sue S
20____121____03____Bob L
21____104____03____Tim O
22____104____03____Ben A
23____103____02____Dante D
24____101____03____Nat J
25_____80____02____Wayne L
26_____69____02____Jim G
27_____67____02____Scott J
28_____63____02____Sandy B
29_____57____01____Pauwel D
30_____45____01____Dana H
31_____45____01____Geno W
32_____45____01____Spencer J
33_____41____01____Dylan L
34_____41____01____Rob P
35_____41____01____Trevor B
36_____38____01____Thomas F
37_____35____01____Dino M
38_____35____01____Geoff S
39_____35____01____George M
40_____35____01____Tom S
41_____35____01____Tony C
42_____28____01____Greg A
43_____28____01____Jay W
44_____28____01____Nick D
45_____28____01____Paul E
46_____28____01____Rob V


  1. Great ride today gentlemen, though it may have been a little warm for a WRCS ride. Pic #2 is the best sprint in Essex county, even better when it kicks up 2km from the stone bridge.

  2. Nice workout gents

  3. Manny should get extra points for running Darryl to get his keys and missing the post ride coffee.

  4. haha...dam , that's funny Adam the side by side Alpe boys, come on they rode side by side for three seconds at the Alpe

  5. Valentines Day on Sunday, the true men will be out for that one, no matter what guilt trips follow for the next week.
    Here is my advice: Wake wife out of deep sleep at 9am with eggs, toast and coffee. Give her the card your kid made(she will forget you didn't get her one). Ignore question "why are you wearing your cycling tights"
    Ask question "honey you love me right, and you want me to be happy"....regardless of answer ramble about how you have been pre-registered for this ride for two months now and can't get out it.Put double balaclava on to drown out bitching as you walk out the door.

  6. Guys (and Gals), you can blame it on me..."honey, this guy organized this thing, and I don't know why he scheduled it then?, clearly he has no one to be his valentine"


    Just really play up that the next day is 'Family Day'. ie, "wait 'till tomorrow honey, I'll make it up to you"

    See you Sunday (and Friday Night)

  7. Guys: Free legal advise. Valentines day will always be there, as will your bike. Need I say anything more. After 25 years, your wife will learn to live with disappointment.
    Dan S.

  8. Words to live by, It is easy to ask for forgivness then to ask to go.

  9. Guys: Please. Never ask for forgivness, it means you made a mistake. Guys don't make mistakes. Tell your valentine your "heart smart" in exercising.

    Dan S.

  10. Is this seriously a conversation that has warrented more than one post?

    The Butcher

  11. A happy wife is a happy life!!!!!! Just saying! That is all!!!

  12. What do I have to lose -- I already sleep on the couch!!
    I am going to ride all weekend (maybe Family Day too) I gave her three gifts that will last forever.

  13. A pearl necklace is my gift of choice.

  14. If you pull that off you are the man.

    The Butcher