2010 WRCS No.7

Today was the day of the anticipated shake-up. There has been a buzz for awhile now about who would faulter first and numerous poker face bluffs about showing or not.

Congrats to Chico though, he has held a stranglehold on the WRCS event for the past 17 rides - very impressive. Russ, the mystery illness is a tough way to go out - blame it on any one of your competitors trying to derail your leader group status. Also, for the second time in WRCS history a rider was awarded social points for sharing in a coffee before seeing the group off.

The ride itself was good with an extension added on to up the mileage, however, that meant a death march on the return home with strong winds and tiring legs. The Butcher is to be commended on his course design. Look for this Sundays Mondo ride to incorporate a few more gravel roads.

Ride Time: 2:38
Riders: 18
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -13
Base Score: 38
Singlespeed Score: 48

Standings [7 of 18]

01____342____07____James K
02____342____07____Pak H
03____312____07____Dan S
04____294____06____Chris C
05____294____06____Russ V
06____292____07____Len B
07____272____07____Adam M
08____272____07____Manny G
09____269____05____Ian C
10____243____05____Kris P
11____231____06____Darryl S
12____221____04____Dave P
13____206____05____John L
14____172____04____Jeff C
15____156____04____Rob L
16____149____04____Pete E
17____146____04____Kim R
18____141____03____Sue S
19____111____03____Mark T
20____104____03____Tim O
21____104____03____Ben A
22____103____02____Dante D
23_____86____02____Bob L
24_____69____02____Jim G
25_____67____02____Scott J
26_____66____02____Nat J
27_____63____02____Sandy B
28_____57____01____Pauwel D
29_____45____01____Dana H
30_____45____01____Geno W
31_____45____01____Spencer J
32_____45____01____Wayne L
33_____41____01____Dylan L
34_____41____01____Rob P
35_____41____01____Trevor B
36_____38____01____Thomas F
37_____28____01____Greg A
38_____28____01____Jay W
39_____28____01____Nick D
40_____28____01____Paul E
41_____28____01____Rob V


  1. NO CHICO, call Velonews....NOW!!!

  2. thanks to the riders who pulled me home.


  3. Impressive ride Manny! Maybe there is as much "Man"ny in those shorts as you were leading us to believe.

    The Butcher

    Also, there is a debate going on whether that loop should be ridden in reverse next time. Any thoughts?

  4. I wasn't able to make it this ride but I say we do it twice!!!

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