2010 WRCS No.6

There were a lot of reasons to just forego the ride and get down to socializing - a frozen free hub out of the parking lot, a rapidly draining camera battery, and raw temps.

However, big points were at stake and the chance of getting stranded out in the county on a broken bike, with no means of documenting it, battling the elements, was worth the payoff.

Sundays a new ride though and really, the temps can't get any colder, right?

Ride Time: 2:10
Riders: 15
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -17
Night Base Score: 57
Singlespeed Score: 67

Standings [6 of 18]

01____294____06____Chris C
02____294____06____James K
03____294____06____Pak H
04____294____06____Russ V
05____264____06____Dan S
06____254____06____Len B
07____243____05____Kris P
08____234____06____Adam M
09____234____06____Manny G
10____221____04____Ian C
11____193____05____Darryl S
12____173____03____Dave P
13____172____04____Jeff C
14____168____04____John L
15____141____03____Sue S
16____111____03____Pete E
17____108____03____Kim R
18____108____03____Rob L
19____103____02____Dante D
20_____86____02____Bob L
21_____73____02____Mark T
22_____69____02____Jim G
23_____66____02____Nat J
24_____66____02____Tim O
25_____66____02____Ben A
26_____57____01____Pauwel D
27_____57____01____Scott J
28_____45____01____Dana H
29_____45____01____Geno W
30_____45____01____Spencer J
31_____45____01____Wayne L
32_____41____01____Dylan L
33_____41____01____Rob P
34_____41____01____Trevor B
35_____38____01____Thomas F
36_____28____01____Greg A
37_____28____01____Jay W
38_____28____01____Nick D
39_____28____01____Paul E
40_____28____01____Rob V
41_____25____01____Sandy B


  1. Manny, I hope that you are describing a fish you once caught because if not, I think that may be a gross exaggeration.

    Sweet ride. The Butcher

  2. the real conversation;

    MANNY: "Chico, asian eggrolls do come this big"
    CHICO: "How do you say...Liar"
    MANNY: "No!!! not when its this cold out."

  3. I think Chico put something in my drink on Friday, I just got out of bed and still can keep food down. I could not battle the flu to keep in the elite 4, so good luck to the last 3 !! Hope Sunday was a good ride.


  4. Russ you should have tuffed it out and used the 5 Km rule to your advantage. There is no way you should not have used this opportunity to stick it to Chico just a little.