2010 WRCS No.5

In all sincerity the opening 30 minutes of the ride were miserable. Cold rain can suck the will out of a person - that and headwind.

But as the ride went on, the rain subsided, the sun poked through, and tailwind pushed us home.

A few things of note:
JLo riding in the rain.
The Chilean downplaying his bid at overall WRCS supremacy.
And the general increase of everyones fitness.

Double header this weekend. See you then.

Ride Time: 2:02
Riders: 16
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: 0
Base Score: 25
Singlespeed Score: 35

Standings [5 of 18]

01____227____05____Chris C
02____227____05____James K
03____227____05____Pak H
04____227____05____Russ V
05____197____05____Len B
06____197____05____Dan S
07____177____05____Adam M
08____177____05____Manny G
09____176____04____Kris P
10____172____04____Jeff C
11____154____03____Ian C
12____141____03____Sue S
13____136____04____Darryl S
14____111____03____Pete E
15____111____03____John L
16____108____03____Kim R
17____108____03____Rob L
18____106____02____Dave P
19____103____02____Dante D
20_____86____02____Bob L
21_____73____02____Mark T
22_____69____02____Jim G
23_____66____02____Nat J
24_____66____02____Tim O
25_____66____02____Ben A
26_____45____01____Dana H
27_____45____01____Geno W
28_____45____01____Spencer J
29_____45____01____Wayne L
30_____41____01____Dylan L
31_____41____01____Rob P
32_____41____01____Trevor B
33_____38____01____Thomas F
34_____28____01____Greg A
35_____28____01____Jay W
36_____28____01____Nick D
37_____28____01____Paul E
38_____28____01____Rob V
39_____25____01____Sandy B


  1. All I can say is dish pan hands!

  2. With The Butcher at home caring for the growing family it was good to see someone try and take his place. Congratulaions to Pak for taking his pull as we turned to ride with the tailwind and peeling off just before the turn back into the head wind. Apparently Kim ate the last of the Wheaties before the ride. Great riding Kim!

  3. JLo thanks for the recognition!!! Finally someone of importance noticed my efforts. I will truly miss you when you are at home tending to your new son and wife. However, as sad as I will be, I shall put forth a brave front and make you proud as I take my short tailwind efforts!

  4. Some riders have disappeared over the weeks. The question is why?

    Is it...
    A. They don't like the cold
    B. They don't like the rain
    C. They don't like the company
    D. They don't like the speed
    E. All of the above

    My guess is C. Way to go Kris

    Personally I love the rain and the cold.

    I have it on good authority that Friday is Double points and this Sunday is Triple points. That's right triple!!! BPW (Big Point Weekend)So let's get out and ride.

  5. I thought the slow disappearance of people were due to my amazing prowess on the bike I didn't think people were taking offense, oh well. I hope to see NO ONE there Friday.

  6. Due to wind chill tonight's ride will be worth Triple Points, with a Fat Tyre bonus of 10 points. 6pm we roll out.

  7. Nope. No, bonus points. Just the usual amount with the intrinsic reward of riding in challenging conditions to serve as your bonus points. Also, their are libations and pizza afterwards too, and that has to be worth something.

  8. Damm it can't make it tonight and Sunday. See you guys next weekend. Still have the dish pan hands going.