2010 WRCS No.4

Don't be fooled, the Chilean wants to win this series. Everytime someone doesn't show, he radiates satisfaction.

Four riders have separated themselves as the lead group, but consistency will be the key. So clear your schedule until the end of March because it could be a close one.

Ride Time: 1:59
Riders: 23
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -3
Base Score: 28
Singlespeed Score: 38

Standings [4 of 18]

01____192____04____Chris C
02____192____04____James K
03____192____04____Pak H
04____192____04____Russ V
05____172____04____Len B
06____162____04____Dan S
07____154____03____Ian C
08____152____04____Adam M
09____152____04____Manny G
10____141____03____Kris P
11____141____03____Sue S
12____137____03____Jeff C
13____111____03____Darryl S
14____111____03____Pete E
15____106____02____Dave P
16____103____02____Dante D
17_____86____02____Bob L
18_____86____02____John L
19_____83____02____Kim R
20_____83____02____Rob L
21_____73____02____Mark T
22_____69____02____Jim G
23_____66____02____Tim O
24_____66____02____Ben A
25_____45____01____Dana H
26_____45____01____Geno W
27_____45____01____Spencer J
28_____45____01____Wayne L
29_____41____01____Dylan L
30_____41____01____Nat J
31_____41____01____Rob P
32_____41____01____Trevor B
33_____38____01____Thomas F
34_____28____01____Greg A
35_____28____01____Jay W
36_____28____01____Nick D
37_____28____01____Paul E
38_____28____01____Rob V


  1. What's going on?? No witty banter, no comments on the ride? Why so shy?

    Chico watch your back....or your right (ditch side!) I'm coming for you.

  2. It's called focus Pak, everyone is so locked in preparing for the next ride they can't even type.

  3. It's early in the season, anything can happen the Chilean could sleep in, Pak could forget his bike at home and Jimmy K could be forced to work a Sunday!!!

  4. Everyone knows that the only way the Chilean misses a ride is if he has a woman; see you there Sunday Chris. The Butcher.

    Also- There is a 90% chance of John not being there. Check the weather.

    Stop posting as anonymous ladies, there's only one anonymous.

  5. I would up that to about 98% chance of no John


  6. 2% awesome. JLo full of surprises