2010 WRCS No.3

This was the first ride, for the series brief existence, featured in the dark. The Greenway was a bust, but the county roads were dandy.

Really, the ride went well and how could it not? A stop for hydration, quiet blacked-out roads, and a tandem inflicting its pain at will. Speaking of tandem, the duo was awarded full points on the simple fact they kept it upright the entire ride, much to the displeasure of everyone else.

Ride Time: 1:47
Riders: 18
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -1
Night Base Score: 41
Singlespeed Score: 51

Standings [3 of 18]

01____154____03____Chris C
02____154____03____Ian C
03____154____03____James K
04____154____03____Pak H
05____154____03____Russ V
06____144____03____Len B
07____124____03____Adam M
08____124____03____Dan S
09____124____03____Manny G
10____106____02____Dave P
11____103____02____Dante D
12____103____02____Kris P
13____103____02____Sue S
14_____99____02____Jeff C
15_____86____02____Bob L
16_____86____02____John L
17_____83____02____Darryl S
18_____83____02____Kim R
19_____83____02____Pete A
20_____83____02____Rob L
21_____45____01____Dana H
22_____45____01____Geno W
23_____45____01____Mark T
24_____45____01____Spencer J
25_____45____01____Wayne L
26_____41____01____Dylan L
27_____41____01____Jim G
28_____41____01____Nat J
29_____41____01____Rob P
30_____41____01____Trevor B
31_____38____01____Ben A
32_____38____01____Thomas F
33_____38____01____Tim O

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