Chico's Chilean Adventure

The man wants to share the love of his homeland with you in video format. Enjoy.

"Chile is a country with a diversity of climates and a rough geography. From barren landscapes where little exists to places of abundant vegetation and intense beauty. This dramatic environment creates an intense connectivity between man and nature. In the north region you can find unique floral desserts, salt fields at heights of up to 4800 meters were you can find an abundance of flamencos, lamas and various wild life. The routes are a great challenge for cycling and cyclo-cross enthusiasts and considered the BEST in the country for Mountain Biking. One can begin by travelling short distances on the coast and then find themselves in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. It’s an experience like no other".

A highlight of the video is the audio in which Chico is clearly suffercaking from the climb. The above quote was provided by Chico himself -seems very refined, almost too refined.


  1. Chico Carvallo, great vid!!!
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your Chilly.

    (Why were you humping the bike on the cliff at sunset?)

  2. Great video doc and a great location - I am jealous

  3. where is Cafe Mondo located?????????