2010 WRCS No.2

This is the best course of the series, quiet county roads and sheltered lake views. Next weekend its the Greenway and the classic Swamp Loop.

You know what made this ride even better? The fact that JLo wasn't there. Things were so peaceful. No thats a lie, he was missed. The Butcher needed a Ying to his Yang.

Ride Time: 2:13
Riders: 20
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -13
Base Score: 38
Singlespeed Score: 48

Standings [2 of 18]

01____103____02____Chris C
02____103____02____Dante D
03____103____02____Ian C
04____103____02____James K
05____103____02____Kris P
06____103____02____Len B
07____103____02____Pak H
08____103____02____Russ V
09____103____02____Sue S
10_____83____02____Adam M
11_____83____02____Dan S
12_____83____02____Darryl S
13_____83____02____Kim R
14_____83____02____Manny G
15_____83____02____Pete A
16_____83____02____Rob L
17_____55____01____Dave P
18_____48____01____Jeff C
19_____45____01____Bob L
20_____45____01____Dana H
21_____45____01____Geno W
22_____45____01____John L
23_____45____01____Mark T
24_____45____01____Spencer J
25_____45____01____Wayne L
26_____38____01____Ben A
27_____38____01____Thomas F
28_____38____01____Tim O

Things to Come...

Wednesday: A Chilean video documenting a Chilean adventure.

Friday: The first night ride of the series. Are your lights charged? Do you even have lights?


  1. I see the tempreture is forecast to be above freezing on Friday - if this happens will you be giving out negitive points?? (I realize it will likely be below zero after sunset... just asking)

  2. Dear peoples of bikesabbath,
    thank you for the great times riding in absurd weather conditions and ridiculous temperatures. I am sadly resigning my firm hold on 2nd place and leaving for warmer climes.
    Enjoy the series, everyone, I'll be watching from afar.

    (formerly known as Inferno, but that was SO last year)