2010 WRCS No.1

23 more riders showed then expected and tackled a brisk kick off to this years WRCS.

Next weeks course, compliments of The Butcher, rolls east along open county concessions and finishes along lake roads.

Remember that rides will leave at 11 am sharp.

Ride Time: 2:20
Riders: 24
Lowest Posted Wind Chill Temp: -20
Base Score: 45
Singlespeed Score: 55

Standings [1 of 18]

01_____55____01____Chris C
02_____55____01____Dante D
03_____55____01____Dave P
04_____55____01____Ian C
05_____55____01____James K
06_____55____01____Kris P
07_____55____01____Len B
08_____55____01____Pak H
09_____55____01____Russ V
10_____55____01____Sue S
11_____45____01____Adam M
12_____45____01____Bob L
13_____45____01____Dan S
14_____45____01____Dana H
15_____45____01____Darryl S
16_____45____01____Geno W
17_____45____01____John L
18_____45____01____Kim R
19_____45____01____Manny G
20_____45____01____Mark T
21_____45____01____Pete A
22_____45____01____Rob L
23_____45____01____Spencer J
24_____45____01____Wayne L


  1. Good ride everyone. Congrats to the ALL the single speeders both official and those not recognized. Next week I will let most of you pad your lead over me as I will be basking in the glory of Disney World. Have fun.

  2. Great ride, good job to everyone who battled the cold to get some fresh air. Make sure you say Hi to Mickey for me in Disney land.


  3. No points for Chico!!

  4. The real NAME is Chris C Mr. Anonymous!!
    Had a great ride with you all....Can't wait till Friday..

  5. Whats happening friday?? date? Salsa?

  6. irish dance classes start. for anyone interested Kris will be the guest instructor ... he said it's how his calves got so big


  7. It's a great way to stay in shape. Crazy strong ankles and calves. I'll start practicing, its been awhile since I did the "WALL OF BELFAST" not many people can say that... Is there extra points for dancing on Sunday

  8. This weekends ride could be muddy or frozen, so bring your fender. We will head east from the plaza and hit open county roads, could be windy. Woodslee, belle river, the lake and back is the route. Ride time is 2-2.5 hrs. See you there.

    The Butcher

  9. Have fun on Sunday, -13 forecast, get the tube sock out!

  10. Or the ankle sock if you're John.